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BREAKING NEWS: MBI Llandudno Fc within one win of european football


Parc MBI Maesdu – Home of MBI Llandudno Football Club

Following last nights draw with Airbus, MBI Llandudno could mark their first season in the Welsh Premier League with a spot in next seasons Europa League by beating Newtown at Parc MBI Maesdu on Saturday. Such a feat would be momentous for a small town club with very limited resources, and the whole town seem to be excited about the prospect of teams from abroad venturing to the North Wales coast.

Frank Bradfield, the Mayor of Llandudno said: “I wish the team the best of luck as this achievement would really put Llandudno on the map, and help to bring in custom for local businesses”

Nobody expected such success from the Seasiders this season and were tipped by many to return too Division 2 at the very first attempt, but they have surprised many with their performances.

The champagne will be on ice for Saturdays game and avid celebrations are expected to take place in the town if qualification is secured. MBI Llandudno manager Alan Morgan said:

“The boys have been superb this year ,but they need too realize the job is not done just yet and they need to remain focused. I’ve told them if we win tomorrow they can go and really celebrate such an achievement and the drinks will be on me”



Arsene Wenger: Does he stay or does he go?



Arsene Wenger is dear in the hearts of many Arsenal fans, leading them through their most successful period in history, but the question is “how long can you survive on past reputation?”. Sure, Arsenal haven’t missed out on the Champions League positions for over 15 years, and haven’t experienced the same downfall as Liverpool, Manchester United, or even Chelsea this season. But is two trophies (2 FA Cups) in 12 years good enough for a side like Arsenal? Many don’t think so.

However, there are still many Arsenal fans out there who want to see Arsene Wenger retire at the Emirates Stadium as they believe after all he has done for the club, he doesn’t deserve to be sacked. A famous banner that hangs from the clock end at the Emirates, reads “In Arsene we trust” showing a large section of the fans still back the Frenchmen completely. Perhaps these fans are just sentimental characters, as many believe with the money spent, Arsenal should’ve won more league titles in the last 12 years and feel it’s time for Wenger to leave while his legendary status and dignity remains in tact. One person who publicizes this view for many is controversial journalist and Arsenal season ticket holder Piers Morgan. Morgan has been calling for Wenger’s head for years due to their lack of fight and success on the pitch. Although many agree with Morgan, many still oppose him and tell him to show Wenger some respect, yet Morgan doesn’t hold back on these supporters who are content seeing their beloved side celebrate a 3rd or 4th place in the Premier League, year on year.

It must be difficult for Arsenal fans as their fall from grace has been so very evident. The last Arsenal side to win the premier league were branded ‘The Invincibles’ as they went through the entire 2003/2004 season unbeaten. Many see that side as the best in Premier League history, so what has gone so drastically wrong since then?

That side boasted leaders and world-class talents such as Thierry Henry and Patrick Viera, which they have quite frankly failed to replace. Sure Arsenal have had some very capable centre midfielders over the past ten years, such as Cesc Fabregas, yet have lacked a real leader with the grit and determination of Viera. It is evident to many that these players were sold far too early in their careers and still had a lot to offer Arsenal, yet can Wenger be to blame for this?


American owner Stan Kroenke is quite evidently a businessman rather than a ‘football man’ and this has been shown over the last ten years with the sales of Arsenals best players. Every time Arsenal have appeared to form a side capable of competing for the title, Kroenke has cashed in, and not to anyone, but Arsenals direct rivals for the league. Emmanuel Adebayor, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichey and Kolo Toure were all sold to Manchester City, while Robin Van Persie was sold to Manchester United, which resulted in him almost single handedly leading them to the Premier League title. Nobody knows for sure how much say Arsene Wenger has in the buying and selling of players, so therefore he may not be completely to blame for the downturn in performance of the club. However, what many do know is, something has to change if Arsenal are to emulate the glory days of old.